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Ransomware Attack Forces Michigan College to Shut Down


Kellogg Community College (KCC) in Michigan closed all five of its campuses Monday after a ransomware attack on the school’s systems and services.

The attack affected KCC’s main campus in Battle Creek, as well as branches in Coldwater, Albion, and Hastings.

In a news release, the public institution said it is working with experts to resolve the situation. Classes will be canceled until the school can safely reopen.

KCC has asked students, faculty, and staff to reset their passwords and is working to determine if any sensitive information was compromised. 

“We want to reassure our faculty and students that we will take any actions necessary for students to complete course work in a timely manner and appreciate your patience and support in the meantime,” the college website said.


KCC spokesman Eric Greene said students and staff would not be able to access campus emails, online classes, and resources due to the attack.

“I guess my biggest worry is the work piling up and then I hope it doesn’t affect my final grade in my classes and my overall GPA,” KCC student Storm Rowles told News Channel 3.

“I have three finals this week, two big essays, and then one big exam that are all due by Sunday,” Rowles added. “We can’t access any of that at the moment, I guess it’s just waiting to see when we can.”

The community college said it hopes to welcome students back by the end of this week. Until then, Greene said the school will provide updates when they know more.

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