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Four Schools Unite to Create New University Center of Southern Kentucky

Four public universities in Kentucky are coming together to allow southern Kentucky students to earn bachelor’s degrees without having to transfer to other institutes across the state.

On Monday, Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers (R-KY) and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin announced the partnership which will take place at Somerset Community College. The four participating universities will include Morehead State University, the University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University and Western Kentucky University.

Starting in the fall of 2019, the University Center of Southern Kentucky (UCSK), a consortium of postsecondary educational institutions to bring more higher education options to the area on the Somerset campus, will allow third and fourth-year students to continue pursuing their degrees without having to transfer to the participating institutes.

“I believe that if we can keep just one generation of our brightest students here at home to earn a college degree and make a good living, we could transform the future of Southern and Eastern Kentucky,” Rogers, who helped launch the center, said.

The new university center is expected to decrease student debt and allow students to live and work in the communities while receiving their bachelor’s degree.

“The average college student graduates with a debt of $29,800, the highest in U.S. history. In addition to providing a great college education, UCSK will help drastically reduce student debt right out of the gate,” Rogers added.

Students who complete a two-year degree at Somerset Community College will be able to complete their four-year degree on its campus by choosing any program offered by the partnering universities.

“SCC students in the surrounding counties will benefit from convenient access to an excellent education while they travel a seamless pathway to a bachelor’s degree and beyond,” Dr. Carey Castle, president and CEO of Somerset Community College, said. “It’s a win-win-win for SCC, the four-year universities, and students.”

As one of the few collaborative institutions across the country, the center will provide students with learning resource support services, educational programs, partnerships and an interactive hub for student use.

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