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Kia America Gifts $1.8M in Scholarships for Students of Color, Need


Kia America has announced that it is increasing its support for underrepresented and underprivileged students in the US.

In a recent press release, the Kia Corporation subsidiary disclosed that it is expanding its commitment to low-income and marginalized populations by donating more than $1,800,000 to create more academic scholarships.  

“Kia believes education is the doorway to so many opportunities and we are very pleased to make college more financially attainable for these talented students and to inspire the next generation of young leaders,” Kia North America and Kia America President and CEO Sean Yoon said.

Continued Support

The company has had a long-standing partnership with the United Negro College Fund and other minority-serving organizations, making higher education more accessible for low-income learners and students of color.

These scholarships are part of its “Accelerate The Good” initiative, which invests in students to help them reach their academic and career goals. More than 750 students will benefit from the company’s most recent donation.

“As a former AIS scholarship recipient, I personally know firsthand how much of a difference Kia’s support will make in the lives of our students,” executive director of American Indian Services Chauma Kee-Jansen said.

“Kia’s contribution to support the next generation of Native American leaders to excel in their academic and professional goals will not only extend to individual students but will change their communities for the better,” Kee-Jansen added.

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