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MacKenzie Scott Donates $20M to Largest Black Medical School


Meharry Medical College announced Tuesday that it has received a $20 million donation from billionaire philanthropist and author MacKenzie Scott.

The Nashville institution — which has produced the highest number of Black medical science graduates in the US over the past decade — said the gift would go to addressing health disparities and help create a more diverse health care workforce.

College president James E.K. Hildreth shared a video talking about the gift and how Scott’s donation will help support the development of several medical programs and infrastructure improvements.  

“Meharry has been catapulted into the national spotlight in the last two years for our efforts in the fight against COVID-19,” Hildreth said in a video. “MacKenzie’s generous donation is a testament to the positive impact Meharry has had on global health care and advancing health equity.”

Diversifying Healthcare

As a leading producer of primary care physicians, Meharry said the gift would help expand resources for research and improve campus and living facilities for students.

The 146-year-old school plans to expand opportunities for healthcare workers through innovative approaches to treatment and research as part of its 2026 strategic vision. The school is also implementing a new model of patient-centered care. 

“Meharry is grateful to MacKenzie Scott for her recognition of the significant contributions Meharrians have made since our founding and for investing in our future,” Hildreth concluded.

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