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Professor Warns Mating Crisis Growing as Men Skip College


A New York University (NYU) professor warns that as fewer men and more women in the US are going to college, mating inequality will widen, causing serious economic and social problems.

Scott Galloway, a marketing professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business, told CNN that a mating crisis could be unavoidable if men continue skipping college. He explained that women tend to be drawn to more successful men with college degrees. 

“Two in three relationships start on Tinder, 50 men, 50 women. Forty-six women show all their attention to just four men and what do those four have? They signal success with a college degree,” Galloway said.

Real Numbers, Real Consequences

The Independent reported that 60 percent of current college students are women while 40 percent are men, compared to 1970 when 59 percent were men and 41 percent were women. Men are also submitting fewer college applications and dropping out at a greater rate.

“The most dangerous person in the world is a broke and a lone male and we are producing too many of them. The mating inequality that’s going to come out of this dearth of men in college poses an existential risk to our economy and our society,” Galloway said.

Galloway warned that most unstable and violent societies in the world all have men who refuse to attach themselves to school, work, or relationships. 

“They all have one thing in common. They have young, depressed men who aren’t attaching to work, aren’t attaching to school, and our inability to provide the resources and encourage men to go to college is going to result in us producing too many of the most dangerous cohort in the world,” he said.

The Root of the Problem?

Galloway said that the cost of college has been a factor in this growing problem. Since men have more career opportunities to earn money without a college degree, they choose that route instead of pursuing an education. 

“You can walk into a construction site in Florida, you can turn on an app, cop, fireman, trade job, which, at the age of 18, if you can make $100 to $200 a day, that feels like real cabbage,” he said.

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