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New McDonald’s Program to Focus on Asian-American Student Success


McDonald’s US has launched a program called “APA Next,” designed to assist Asian-American students achieve their educational goals.

The new initiative aims to empower and uplift students throughout their academic journey by providing tools and resources to help them succeed. 

Additionally, the program is a way to address the mental health needs of students and the insufficient mental health services available to them.

McDonald’s states that it is partnering with the “Shine” self-care application to provide a content series focused on career advice within the context of mental health. The partnership will also focus on helping students and their families prepare for “what’s next” in modern academics.

“The ongoing social disruptions have not only reshaped the education landscape, but also student priorities and needs,” National Diversity Marketing Committee Lead at McDonald’s US, Willie Cho, explained in a press release. He expressed how honored the company is to extend its support to students.

Prioritizing Mental Health

The company has launched a website with student and family-focused resources, including an inspirational series and custom meditation sessions for students.

Prominent personalities such as actress and activist Ally Maki, Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Versha Sharma, and RISE founder and activist Amanda Nguyen share their real-life experiences, including how to become your most authentic self.

Shine co-founder and CEO Naomi Hirabayashi says being a student nowadays is increasingly difficult due to heightened pressures and challenges. She expressed how her company wants to urge students to prioritize their well-being.

“We want students to know it’s okay, and vital, to prioritize their mental health needs. We’re proud to work with McDonald’s to address the role self-care plays in helping students prioritize themselves, throughout the journey of being a student,” she explained.

Aside from the “APA Next” initiative, McDonald’s has also established a $500,000 scholarship program for low-income students and an annual summer workshop to help students navigate the college admissions process from the comfort of their homes.

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