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Miami University Suspends Fraternity for 15 Years Over Hazing

Miami University has suspended its chapter of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity following an investigation into violent hazing of its member earlier this year.

According to a USA Today report, the university upheld its 15-year ban imposed on the fraternity in May for hazing and physically harming a member while pledging on March 16.

The investigation conducted by the university officials termed the incident “among the worst kind of hazing possible.” The victim was blindfolded at the fraternity house with liquor poured on this face while fraternity members used a paddle with spikes and grooves to hit him.

The 33-page redacted investigatory report further said that the victim was slapped in the face, forced to smoke a joint and made to do pushups while several men kicked him on his sides.

“The March 16 incident involving alcohol and physical harm is among the worst kind of hazing possible,” Vice President of Student Life Jayne Brownell wrote in the report.

“Hazing does not bond brothers or build character – it is abuse and the intention inflation of violence is never acceptable.”

The national headquarters has already revoked the charter of the university chapter in June.

“With this action, chapter operations ceased, and individual members are not permitted to operate in the name of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity,” reads a statement from Delta Tau Delta international headquarters.

In February, Delaware State University suspended its chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity for potential hazing after four of its students were seriously injured in a car crash. Parents alleged the fraternity of hazing, sleep deprivation and sending students on “missions” at all hours of the day.

Other universities are also cracking down on policy violations by various Greek organizations. In May, Swarthmore College passed an order that Greek organizations will no longer exist on its campus, denying them any leased space following a report which found serious violations of rules and school policies.

Hofstra University also reported another disturbing incident, where members of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity forced a dog to drink beer from a beer keg. The university is currently investigating the incident.

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