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University of Minnesota Receives $8 Million for ICD Renovation


The University of Minnesota has received a $8 million gift to modernize and renovate the Institute of Child Development (ICD) on its Twin Cities campus.

The donation came from James R. Campbell, a 1964 graduate of the University’s Carlson School of Management and Carmen D. Campbell, a 1964 graduate of the University’s College of Education and Human Development to fund renovation work on the century-old building.

The Campbells’ contribution is the largest in a private fundraising campaign to elevate the university’s child development programs up to modern standards.

“Minnesota leaders, policymakers and nonprofits all understand early childhood education is the pathway to opportunity. We believe there’s nothing more important than investing in children’s development during these critical early years,” Carmen Campbell said.

“Those first years shape a child’s chances for success in school and in life. The Institute of Child Development solves the real-world challenges facing children during this formative time and educates the teachers who work with kids in communities and bring their knowledge to benefit families in Minnesota, and around the world.”

The gift will be spent on renovating the East Bank building which was constructed in 1903. The new building will feature cutting-edge research facilities, contemporary teaching spaces, and more energy-efficient features.

“The Institute of Child Development is the top program of its kind in the country, and their gift jump-starts our new building project,” said Jean K. Quam, dean of the College of Education and Human Development.

“The new building will allow us to better support our students and faculty who are preparing tomorrow’s early childhood teachers and our researchers who are uncovering the mysteries of human development from infancy through young adulthood.”

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