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Nebraska State Workers to Receive New Educational Benefit


Governor Pete Ricketts has announced a new tuition reimbursement program that will make in-state community college free for the dependent children of state employees.

Under the initiative, the state will cover the remaining tuition costs after subtracting grant and scholarship aid. The community college system has agreed to provide a 25 percent discount on tuition, leaving the rest to be paid for by the state.

“The State of Nebraska strives to be a preferred employer, and we’re continuously upgrading the benefits available to our teammates. The Children of State Teammate Tuition Reimbursement Program is our latest enhancement,” said Gov. Ricketts in a news release. 

“It makes career-focused higher education even more affordable for our teammates’ families.  Thank you to Nebraska’s community colleges for partnering with the State to provide this tremendous benefit,” he added. 

The state personnel team of the Department of Administrative Services is in charge of implementing the educational initiative, which is set to help around 1,000 students this summer.  

Building Nebraska’s Workforce

Nebraska boosted employee salaries and benefits to improve labor retention. 

Gov. Ricketts expressed that the program will bring more students to community college programs that provide competent workers for in-demand jobs in the future.

“Nebraska’s community colleges are seeking innovative ways to increase the pipeline of students enrolling in our many career and technical programs,” Southeast Community College President Dr. Paul Illich said.

“We have career academies that provide college credit to high school students who enroll in a career/technical pathway. We recruit returning adult students who are seeking a career change.  We are committed to making the community college the top choice for higher education. We are also equally committed to ensuring everyone has access to the life-changing benefits of higher education,” Illich concluded.

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