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Notre Dame Iconic Fight Song Now Includes ‘Daughters’


The University of Notre Dame has changed the lyrics to the school fight song to include “daughters” to recognize the school’s female students. 

University President Rev. John Jenkins announced the change in a statement Thursday night, followed by a university video showing fans singing the new lyrics.

For more than a century, the famous Victory March only mentioned “loyal sons” since Notre Dame started out as an all-male college until women were first allowed to enroll in 1972. 

So the school decided to commemorate its 50th year of being a co-ed institution by revising the lyrics to say “While her loyal sons and daughters march on to victory.”

“The success Notre Dame enjoys has been shaped by the extraordinary leadership and contributions of the women who have been and are a part of the Notre Dame community — beginning with the four Holy Cross sisters who arrived in the Indiana wilderness in 1843, to those who lead, teach, learn, minister and work here today,” Jenkins said. 

Other Changes

Notre Dame also announced that it will reimagine the Main Circle, the school’s ceremonial entrance to campus. However, it’s not clear what the new design will look like.

“On this occasion of the anniversary of the admission of undergraduate women in 1972, we celebrate the invaluable contributions of women as students and graduates,” Rev. Jenkins said

“The re-imaging of the Main Circle will be a tribute at the heart of our campus to the ways in which these women have inspired, led and enriched us,” he added.

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