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Purdue University Bans Gambling on Sporting Events


Purdue University has placed a system-wide ban on sports gambling by its faculty, staff and non-athlete students.

Last week, the school’s Board of Trustees gave their assent to the adoption of sports wagering policy that would ban gambling on sporting events involving any Purdue teams, coaches or student-athletes. It will become effective when officially published in accordance with Executive Policy Review Group procedures.

Violators will be dealt with strictly under the new policy, including termination for faculty and staff. The different university departments are jointly working to frame sanctioning guidelines.

According to the university, the decision to ban gambling was taken after Indiana legalized sports betting.

“The policy was developed at the urging of some faculty members, as well as the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics after sports betting became legal in Indiana earlier this year,” the school said in a release.


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) also prohibits wagering. It is currently working with an industry-leading service provider which began in the 2018-19 academic year and has expanded in 2019-20 to enhance how it monitors sports wagering in the global betting market.

“From our committee structure to the national office to campuses across the country, the NCAA is focused on how best to address the ever-changing sports wagering landscape through proactive education and monitoring of domestic and global betting activity,” Stan Wilcox, executive vice president of regulatory affairs, said in August.

Last month, St. Joseph’s University also issued an interim policy bars university community from placing bets on events participated by school teams.

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