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Purdue University Returns $8 Million Donated by Papa John’s Over Racial Slur


The use of the contemptuous n-word during a media training conference call has proven counterproductive for Papa John’s founder John Schnatter. Purdue University has announced that it will return the donated $8 million and remove Schnatter’s name from its economics research center.

The decision taken by the university’s Board of Trustees last Friday found the step necessary to avoid distraction from the center’s work and division on the campus.

“The board believes this action is necessary to avoid distraction from the center’s work, counterproductive division on the campus, and any inference of any deviation from the university’s often stated stance on tolerance and racial relations,” the Trustees said in a statement.

Schnatter earlier stepped down from the chairmanship of the third largest pizza delivery restaurant chain after Forbes reported the use of the racially-charged word during a conference call in May.

Earlier in July, the University of Louisville also changed the name of its football stadium from Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium to just Cardinal Stadium.

“In moments of crisis, the best communities find a way to come together,” Neeli Bendapudi, president of the university, said in a statement. “Over the last 24 hours, our community has been fractured by the comments made by former UofL trustee John Schnatter.”

Meanwhile, the Ball State University has decided to continue its support and not remove the name from its John H. Schnatter Institute for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise.