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Lincoln Memorial University is Safest School in Nation [Survey]


Campus safety has become one of the most pressing issues that equally concerns students, parents, and policymakers. Many colleges across the United States have upped their security and strengthened their campus police forces to let students feel safer.

But there are few colleges that are doing more than others in making their campuses safer and more secure. According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security ranking, Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee is the  safest college in the nation.

Its campus police and security team offer services like patrols, door locks and unlocks, after-hours escort service, camera monitoring and dispatching for both emergency and non-emergency situations. To report to the campus police, the students can call an anonymous tip line.

The Council used data from law enforcement and FBI crime reports and compared 490 colleges nationwide.

South Georgia State College is the second safest school across the country due to its Live Safe security app which provides an easy way of communicating campus safety issues.

The app promotes safety and awareness on Campus and allows students to directly contact the campus police with text, video, photo, or audio.

North Carolina-based Elon University ranked third for a set of principles that ensures campus safety for all. The principles range from treatment of every person with respect and dignity to the protection of life, human rights, and property of all.

No Ivy League school managed to make it to the top 100 safest college list.

University of Chicago Launches Safety App for Campus

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