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Canada’s St. Clair College to Build 15,000 Square-Foot Esports Facility


St. Clair College in Ontario, Canada is creating a new “publicly accessible” esports facility to attract more aspiring students, gamers, and esports enthusiasts throughout North America.

The new establishment will feature a competition stage, an open gaming lab with 64 high-spec computers, an eight-station console, an esports classroom, and five separate soundproof streaming rooms. It will also include a broadcast studio for the school’s Esports Administration and Entrepreneurship program.

Additionally, the 15,000 square-foot facility will serve as home to the St. Clair esports varsity team. Organizers hope it will become the premier destination for a variety of events such as gaming competitions, summer camps, and viewing parties.

“This new esports facility really is the last piece of the puzzle for us,” St. Clair Esports Director Shaun Byrne explained. “We have top-tier academic, varsity and club esports programs but now they will be able to intermingle under one roof allowing for an unparalleled degree of synergy.”

Construction of the new building is part of a $23-million expansion at the Windsor campus. Administration expects it to be completed by January 2022.

Developing Esports Enthusiasts

St. Clair believes that it has provided students with “work-integrated learning opportunities” by creating teams, facilities, and programs geared toward the development of esports.

“The fact that some students have already found success in their careers using the equipment currently provided is incredible,” Esports Professor David Rabinovitch. “But I can only imagine how many more students will find, if not the same, but greater success with these amazing upgrades coming into the new facility.”

The school’s multi-million dollar investment in esports programs is expected to strengthen its esports varsity team, which will be competing in seven tournaments this fall.

“To say this is a big year for us would be an understatement. Not only are we thrilled to have this phenomenal facility to play out of, but we also have top-tier players coming from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and across Ontario to bolster our rosters and take us to the next level competitively,” Assistant Esports Director Chris Funston remarked.

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