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Temple’s Fraternity President Facing New Charges of Rape


Former fraternity president at Temple University is facing new charges as another victim has come forward to report sexual abuse, pressing charges of unlawful restraint and rape in an incident that happened in November 2017.

The victim accused Ari Goldstein, the former president of now suspended Alpha Epsilon Pi, of rape in his room during a party.

Goldstein was arrested in May on sexual assault charges regarding an incident that happened in February. The victim had accused Goldstein of forcing himself on her during a party in his fraternity bedroom.

Last month, during a court hearing, the victim student testified before the judge that the accused sexually assaulted her for 30 minutes after she went to his room on an invitation to smoke marijuana.

“She is a very strong young lady. She is articulate and she was very clear in what she went through,” prosecutor Lauren Stramm said.

On latest charges, Goldstein’s attorney, Perry de Marco Sr., sayid that his client had a sexual relationship with the girl.

“This young lady is a young lady that, we believe, evidence will show had an ongoing intensive, intensive sexual relationship with my client,” he said. “After the alleged incident, she continued to attend parties with her sorority sisters at the house where she claims she was assaulted.”

Meanwhile, Goldstein, now a deregistered Temple student, was released on $2 million bail in May and continues to deny the charges.

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