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Tennessee State University Launches Initiative to Make Coding Accessible


Tennessee State University has launched an initiative in collaboration with Apple that would make coding and app development accessible to the Nashville community and historically black colleges and universities across the nation.

Last week, the university hosted its first “HBCU C2 Presidential Academy,” where presidents, faculty members, IT staff and STEM students from nearly 14 colleges gathered to learn coding and app development from Apple’s comprehensive coding curriculum.

The initiative was held through its newly established National Center for Smart Technology Innovations and serves as a hub for training educators and students in acquiring essential digital literacies and technological new skills of coding and creativity.

“Coding and app development are a growing part of the global workforce, and we want to help make sure people of color, especially our students, are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be competitive, and successful,” said TSU President Dr. Glenda Glover.

Apple is supporting the initiative with equipment, scholarships and professional development under its Community Education Initiative.

“Students of all backgrounds should have the opportunity to learn to code,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives.

Nashville-based Motlow State Community College students who complete a Swift coding course will be eligible for transfer to TSU or other four-year degree programs.

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