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University of Kentucky Professor Settles Retaliation Lawsuit

A University of Kentucky professor, who claimed retaliation by the school, has settled the lawsuit for $620,000.

Former public health dentist Raynor Mullins, who filed a lawsuit in 2017, alleged the school of firing him for publicly criticizing Republican Governor Matt Bevin‘s plan to make changes to medical dental benefits.

Importantly, various court filings submitted by the Mullins colleagues had pointed to retaliation after he wrote a letter criticizing Governor Bevin’s proposal in 2016. Colleagues alleged College of Dentistry Dean Stephanos Kyrkanides of changing his behavior towards Mullins, taking him off the projects and causing friction between him and his colleagues.

However, both parties in the case have reached a settlement and showed desire to resolve their disputes. 

“Just as important the resolution only serves to strengthen our shared commitment to the University of Kentucky’s mission and goals to improve health in the Common wealth,” reads the joint statement.

“Oral health and its relationships with overall health and well-bring are critically important issues that need and deserve our full commitment. We will have no further comment on this matter as we are united now in our intent to focus squarely on these shared goals moving forward.”

 The university has also agreed to Mullins’ return.

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