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White Nationalist Flyers Appear at University of Montana


A white nationalist group has posted flyers at the University of Montana and other adjoining campuses evoking sharp criticism by the school.

On Tuesday, Identity Evropa group posted flyers that read, “European Roots American Greatness,” at various campuses and shared the pictures on its social media accounts.

The group also posted flyers at the Montana State University Billings and Rocky Mountain College in an attempt to woo students towards its ideology.

“The University does not endorse, nor support, the positions of this group,” Montana spokeswoman Paula Short wrote in an email to The Missoulian. “We remain deeply committed to our core values of inclusiveness and respect. We celebrate diversity and community. We hold strong against divisiveness, intolerance and hate.”

In the last several days, the group has posted flyers at various colleges in California, New York, and Florida.

Last week, an Idaho-based white supremacist group, The Road to Power, made racist and hateful robocalls on Drake University’s campus phone lines forcing 3,500 students, staff and faculty members to gather and protest against the incident.


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