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Ursinus College Investigates Female Dorm Break-Ins


Ursinus College is “aggressively investigating” two incidents involving an intruder reportedly entering unlocked dorm rooms of female students.

The first incident occurred at a suite in Reimer Hall, within college premises. Faith Kurywczak, the student who reported the incident, told 6abc Action News that she initially thought she was just dreaming. However, the sound of a man trying to break into her dorm room roused her from her slumber early Sunday morning.

While Kurywczak’s door was locked, the suspect managed to enter using an unlocked.

Campus police report that the suspect is an unidentified white male around 30 years old, with a slim to medium build and about 5’10” in height.

Second Incident

Just one day later, the university sent out a second alert regarding a similar incident at 4:46 am. A female student reported that a man had entered her unlocked room at New Hall Dorm. The alert stated that she stayed quiet for five minutes before the man left, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Immediately after the incident, the student contacted Campus Safety through MobileU. Officers rushed to the area. The authorities spoke with the student and searched close by areas but no suspicious activity was found.

The campus police report that the suspect is a college-age white man who is wearing cargo shorts, with hair that obscured his face. 

Investigation Continues

While it is unclear if the same person is behind the two events, in both incidents nothing was stolen, no students were harmed, and the doors were unlocked.

In a statement to 6abc Action News, Ursinus highlighted that the wellbeing of all its students and the safety of the residential community is a top priority.

“Though no one was physically harmed, we are aggressively investigating the matters, have increased security patrols and are in regular communication with our students, asking them to remain diligent and report any suspicious activity,” the college said.

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