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Vanderbilt University’s Latest Digital Tools to Aid Online Learning


Vanderbilt University has secured licensing of new digital tools and platforms to adapt to hybrid and online class instruction. The tools will meet the learning and teaching needs of students and faculty members by facilitating better processes, online assessments, and improving student engagement.

In a bid to move to adaptive teaching resources, Vanderbilt University will implement new technologies on campus. They aim to ease online learning and offer a better experience in the upcoming fall.

The new campus-wide licenses support an array of teaching and learning activities including remote exam proctoring, grading and feedback, and collaborative video and text annotation.

Proctorio: Remote Proctoring Service 

With COVID-19, most lessons and even exams have now moved online. With Proctorio, instructors can make sure students don’t cheat during tests. If a student is taking an exam, Proctorio allows for recording the test-taking session, device screen, and web traffic. 

Instructors can also track suspicious student behavior. Additionally, faculty members can validate students’ identities through facial detection, making sure they make their own exam. Live Transcription Service 

Haven’t we all been on Zoom calls where there is audio-video disconnect leading to confusion? helps sort that with advanced speech recognition, live captioning, and keyword analysis.

Whenever students are unable to understand a lesson, they can turn to transcription notes for a quick understanding. For students who don’t have English as their first language or those having trouble hearing, the live transcription can make learning online easier.

Perusall: Reading and Annotation Tool 

When learning is distanced, students need to collaborate and interact online. Perusall, an online tool for students, makes it easier for students to communicate.

Classmates can comment on assignments, evoke responses, and almost turn online learning into an in-class experience.

GoReact: Video Feedback Tool 

Another online tool Vanderbilt University has secured licensing for is GoReact. Instructors can give students feedback on video presentations, demonstrations, and video assignments. The learning progress of students can be tracked, making sure they are not affected by the remote mode of instruction.

Gradescope: Automated Grading Tool 

Gradescope allows professors to seamlessly grade assessments and save time. Students can submit assignments online, be graded as per a set standard, and then receive feedback along with scanned work.

It helps students understand the specific subjects where there is room for improvement. The ease of applying a consistent grading scheme with detailed feedback can take time off instructors’ hands.


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