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Amid Pandemic, Wayne State University to Hold Virtual Job Fair


As unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic remains high, Wayne State University in Michigan has announced that it is holding a virtual job fair on May 5.

To be hosted by the school’s College of Education, the fair aims to meet potential candidates for a variety of positions in teaching, counseling, librarianship, administration, social work, psychology, and special education.

Approximately 30 recruiters from the Midwest are expected to attend and conduct interviews with people looking for jobs in education.

“The college is excited about connecting our students and others to careers in education,” Assistant Dean of the Division of Academic Services Paul Johnson stated.

“We are committed not only to supporting our students and alumni and members of the community in their job search but also to serving as partners to school districts and other educational organizations that are seeking qualified candidates for open positions,” he added.

Aside from new job seekers, the event is open to current education professionals who are seeking new opportunities. The event is free of charge.

How to Register

Interested job seekers are advised to download the Career Fair Plus app to have access to job fair information, such as an updated list of recruiters.

Participants are also encouraged to attend several workshops scheduled on April 14, 21, and 28 to better understand job search basics ahead of the event.

To reserve an interview with a recruiter, applicants must visit the university’s online portal and fill out a short application form on or before May 4.

Once registered, job seekers will receive information about setting up their profiles and scheduling appointments with recruiters.

Help for Job Seekers Continues to Arrive

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the number of unemployed people in the country in April 2020 rose to 23.1 million, the highest since the Great Depression.

Now that the country is beginning to recover from the pandemic, universities and students have stepped up to help job seekers.

In November of last year, California State University released a comprehensive database that contains thousands of remote job openings.

Two students from Eastern Michigan University also developed an application to assist struggling American job seekers.

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