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University of Notre Dame Online Course to Prepare Women Leaders

A new course at the University of Notre Dame will prepare women for leadership roles through mentorship and networking, the school said in a release.

Offered online through Mendoza College of Business and powered by Bisk, a digital learning company, the Women in Leadership course prepares women on various fronts, which include making ethical decisions, negotiate and resolve conflict, build relationships and equips them with leadership skills resulting in a diverse workforce.

The four-week course will be taught by three Mendoza faculty members and will be accessible to participants, including working professionals, from anywhere in the world.

“Women in Leadership was designed with a specific focus on topics related to gender diversity and inclusivity that are critical to an organization’s success,” said Robin Kistler, the director of non-degree programs at the Stayer Center for Executive Education.

“It is important for Notre Dame to offer educational opportunities that inspire women to engage in purposeful career development and provide transformational leadership that benefits their organizations and communities.”

Earlier this month, Mendoza College under the Board Readiness Initiative to Empower Women Project started an initiative to increase gender diversity on boards by equipping the women with the necessary skills to prepare them for new roles n the nonprofit boards’ service.

Various reports suggest that there is a lack of women representation in the leadership of higher education institutions. A recent report by non-profit Eos Foundation found that most of the Massachusetts colleges and universities have no gender balance, with 32 percent of institutions never having a female president, while 26 of them have less than 30 percent women on their board and 14 have none at all despite they constitute 51.5 percent of the population.

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