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Former Yale Professor Sexually Assaulted Students for Decades [Report]


An independent investigation by Yale University has found its former professor of psychiatry involved in sexual assault of five students at a research facility in the Caribbean and other misconducts, according to a report by a former U.S. Attorney.

The investigation against professor Eugene Redmond was initiated earlier this year after an internal probe into sexual misconduct complaint filed by an undergraduate student found other similar misconduct complaints against him over the last few decades.

According to the report, Redmond sexually assaulted undergraduate students home, post-baccalaureate interns, and a high school student. The assaults date back to 1990s which took place at a research facility in St. Kitts operated by a private foundation, in one reported location on Yale’s campus, at his home and in other off-campus locations

“Each of these incidents occurred in a bedroom that Redmond required each student to share with him and after each of the students had been drinking with Redmond,” Investigator and former U.S. Attorney Deirdre Daly wrote in the 54-page report.

“We have also determined that Redmond conducted, in St. Kitts, three purported medical exams of students that included inappropriate genital and/or rectal exams.”

The disgraced professor retired from Yale in July 2018 with disciplinary proceedings pending against him. He is banned from the campus and denied the privileges of a retired faculty member.

President Peter Salovey, who had ordered an independent investigation into his conduct in January, said: “Redmond’s actions, reported by the survivors who came forward, are reprehensible and antithetical to the educational mission of our university.”

The university is taking a host of measures to strengthen its policies and procedures against sexual misconduct and protect students from possible assault or harassment.

Anew protocol will be developed to ensure additional oversight for internship and other overnight programs. Faculty disciplinary records will also be maintained and reviewed to access a complete picture of any prior misconduct.

Yale’s Decision to Endow Professorship to Sexual Harasser Backfires


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