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Yeshiva University Faces New Lawsuit Over ‘Rape Coverup Culture’


A female student has filed a lawsuit against Yeshiva University (YU) in New York City for allegedly performing a bogus investigation after she claimed that she was sexually abused by a member of the men’s basketball team. 

The plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe in court documents, claimed that the probe omitted vital information and university lawyers refused to speak with people the victim had contacted after the incident. 

The private Orthodox Jewish institution allegedly did not request nor inspect rape kit evidence, nor photos of bruises on the victim’s neck and thigh taken by New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia, according to the suit. 

The complainant was also allegedly forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement before being allowed to meet a school official, which apparently cleared the accused. Any form of appeal was not approved by YU.

“After surviving her worst nightmare, she was shocked and appalled at the craven and callous behavior of the Yeshiva University officials charged with the sacred duties of protecting YU students,” Attorney Kevin Mulhearn, who is representing the plaintiff, said.

Whitewashing Rape

The suit alleges that Yeshiva has not reported a sexual misdemeanor case since 2001. It said that the university failed to inform the student of the case’s dismissal, strengthening the belief that YU sought to protect its “Rise Up” campaign, which aims to raise $613 million. 

A spokesperson for Yeshiva University described the accusations as “categorically false.”

“We are fully confident that this matter was appropriately and thoroughly investigated,” the spokesperson told the NY Daily News. “Our professionals, including the individuals named in this lawsuit, work tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and they have taken extensive steps to provide assistance in this matter specifically.”

“We at Yeshiva University take seriously our duty to do all we can to prevent and address sexual assault within our campus atmosphere and surrounding areas,” they added.

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