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New Bill Proposes Alcohol Sale at Michigan College Sporting Events


Universities in Michigan may be able to sell alcohol at on-campus athletic events thanks to legislation introduced on Thursday.

The bipartisan bill would end the state’s prohibition on the sale of alcohol at sporting events and allow university governing boards to apply for liquor licenses.

Introduced by state Rep. Graham Filler, Rep. Joe Tate, and Sen. Curtis Hertel, House Bill 6289 and Senate Bill 1125 would allow alcohol sales at university football, basketball, and hockey stadiums. The bill would permit sales hours before and after each game.

“Beer at the game should be allowed for more than just rich donors. Beyond that, there is overwhelming evidence that shows selling alcohol inside the stadium significantly reduces binge drinking on game days,” Sen. Hertel stated.

‘Freedom Issue’

Eight of the Big Ten’s 14 schools allow alcohol sales at football games.

According to Rep. Filler, the number of alcohol-related incidents in schools selling alcohol has declined over the years. Ohio State, he added, experienced a 65 percent reduction in alcohol-related accidents after legalizing alcohol sales in 2016. 

“This is a fairness and freedom issue that will allow for a modern, more enjoyable college game-day experience – but it’s also a public health and safety issue,” Filler said. “Instead of binge drinking in the parking lot or sneaking alcohol into the stadium, fans can simply purchase a beer in the concourse.”

The bills have since been referred to the Regulatory Reform committees in the House and Senate for further review.

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