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Texas College Pitcher in Danger of Expulsion After Mid-Game Brawl


Weatherford College in Texas has condemned a violent altercation that broke out during a baseball game with North Central Texas College (NCTC) on Wednesday. 

Weatherford Pitcher Owen Woodward tackled NCTC first baseman Josh Phillips in the middle of the sixth inning after he hit a home run and was beginning his trot around the bases. The incident was caught on video and has circulated online.

“We are shocked and disappointed at what happened in our game today. This type of behavior cannot be tolerated,” said Jeff Lightfoot, the baseball coach and associate athletic director at Weatherford.

The home run by Philips put NCTC ahead by one run. Immediately after the shot, the 195-pound Woodward threw down his glove and charged Philips, tackling him to the ground. Philips’ teammates immediately burst out of the dugout and piled on top of Woodward.

No Room for Violence

After being separated, Philips completed his run around the bases to score, after which, the umpire suspended the game until further notice. 

Weatherford College announced that an internal investigation is underway and that Woodward will face disciplinary action “up to and possibly including expulsion.” Lightfoot acknowledged that such behavior isn’t normal at Weatherford and the college is completely embarrassed by the incident.

NCTC Chancellor Dr. Brent Wallace said that he’s working closely with Weatherford to get to the bottom of the incident and that it will “be used as a teaching moment for student athletes to help ensure these incidents do not occur in the future.”

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