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Boise State U Suspends Ethics Classes Over Discrimination Claims


Boise State University in Idaho has announced it would suspend 52 classes under the University Foundation 200 (UF 200) course designation. The university mandates that sophomores take at least one UF 200 class before they can graduate.

The decision to suspend the classes came after multiple students complained of being discriminated against for their beliefs. Boise State addressed the issue in an email sent to university faculty and Idaho News 6.

The letter stated that the administration is aware of allegations that “a student or students have been humiliated and degraded in class on our campuses for their beliefs and values.”

“This is never acceptable; it is not what Boise State stands for; and we will not tolerate this behavior,” the letter continued. 

The statement also confirmed the suspension of the UF 200 course. The administration is working to ensure that all students are aware of the situation and can still complete the course if enrolled.

Finally, university President Marlene Tromp reassured faculty that the university is working on professional development sessions meant to “foster learning environments characterized by mutual respect” and that a midterm evaluation for students enrolled in UF 200 is underway. 

Discrimination in Diversity and Ethics

Under UF 200, students can choose from over 52 classes focused on themes of diversity and ethics among a variety of subjects. This includes literature, higher education, and human rights.

This is the same course that right-wing lawmakers and lobbyists under the Idaho Freedom Foundation have criticized the university for, claiming that Boison State is using taxpayer dollars to push for social justice education.

“Its advocates demand conformity to the cult of race, class and gender victimology cloaked in language like “diversity” and “inclusion.” It is bad for free inquiry and for scientific advancement,” Dr. Scott Yenor and Anna Miller, foundation staff, wrote. 

Boise State Public Radio also covered proposed budget cuts to the university, as lawmakers have been questioning its social justice initiatives for years.

“We don’t want funds expended for courses, programs, services or trainings that confer support for extremist ideologies, such as those tied to social justice, racism, Marxism, socialism or communism,” Rep Priscilla Giddings, R-White Bird, said.

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