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OSU President on Probation Over Handling of Sexual Misconduct Cases at LSU


Former Louisiana State University (LSU) President F. King Alexander has been placed on probation by his current employer, Oregon State University, following claims that LSU mishandled sexual misconduct allegations, including those against former football coach Les Miles.

Almost a year after leaving LSU to head Oregon State University (OSU), Alexander now finds himself under fire amidst scrutiny over his handling of Title IX complaints and sexual misconduct allegations between 2013-2019.

Following discussions concerning an LSU report on systemic failures by the school in reporting Title IX policies, the OSU Board of Trustees voted 12-2 to place Alexander on probation till June 1, after which it will sit down again to discuss his future at the university.

In the meantime, the board will hire an independent consultant to look at the recommendations of the report.

‘I’m Sad. I’m Disgusted’

Over the past several months, LSU has been in the spotlight over its decision to retain Les Miles and other employees despite several sexual harassment allegations having been leveled against them.

Last week, female lawmakers criticized LSU interim President Tom Galligan for his decision not to fire employees accused of sexual misconduct. 

“I’m kind of just dumbfounded. I’m sad. I’m disgusted. I’m so disappointed in LSU, and I continue to be disappointed with the response that we’re getting right now,” Baton Rouge Republican Paula Davis said during the meeting. 

Following a large-scale backlash against the LSU administration, Alexander acknowledged that he could have done more to redress the wrongs. He pledged to “listen and learn.” He said he would reflect on his actions and prove his commitment in the future.

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