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Cameron U Receives $2.1M Grant to Found Center for Struggling Students


Cameron University in Oklahoma has received a grant worth $2.1 million from the US Department of Education, with which it plans to fund a center to enhance student success.

The government grant is part of the “Strengthening Institutions” program to improve the academic quality of colleges and universities in the country.

“We recognized that the Strengthening Institutions program could make a significant impact on the university’s ability to provide wrap-around services to at-risk and underrepresented students,” Cameron’s Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Marge Kingsley said in a press release.

The five-year grant will go toward establishing the Student Enrichment Center to provide greater support for struggling students at the university.

“We wholeheartedly believe that adding the Student Enrichment Center to our campus will play a major role in student success,” Kingsley said.

Student Enrichment Center

The center, which is planned to be up and running this fall, will be set up to assist students by providing a variety of resources designed to help them complete a college degree.

University administrators also plan to increase students’ knowledge of personal financial literacy and other skills related to building financial understanding and responsibility through work at the center.

In addition to helping college students, the grant will allow nine more individuals to be part of Cameron’s staff, who will hold positions such as Coordinator of Student Success, Student Success Coaches, and Community Resource Coordinator.

“Maybe a student has a family member who gets sick, so they start missing a lot of class. Or they have some personal problems that lead to a couple of bad grades and then all of a sudden, they’re in danger of losing their financial aid,” Kingsley explained.

“Or maybe a student just picks up a second job and all of a sudden, they are struggling with time management because of the extra commitment. These staff will be able to reach out to them, help them stay on track,” she added.

The Student Enrichment Center will be located on the 2nd floor of Cameron’s Nance Boyer building.

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