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Police Shoot Florida Tech Student After Campus Knife Attack


A Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) student who attacked several other students with a knife at a campus residence hall was killed by Melbourne Police Department (MPD) officers Friday.

Officers arrived at the Roberts Hall freshman residence and confronted the knife-wielding man, later identified as 18-year-old aeronautical science student Alhaji Sow. According to the MPD statement regarding the incident, Sow attacked an officer and was shot. 

ABC News reported that officers administered first aid, but Sow succumbed to his injuries. 

‘A Really Calm and Chill Guy’

MPD Commander Heath Sanders disclosed that at least three students were injured before police arrived. However, their wounds were minor and treated at the scene. Authorities have not yet determined a motive for the attack. 

Florida Tech issued a shelter-in-place alert sometime after midnight, but it was lifted around 3 AM. However, students were instructed to avoid Roberts and Campbell Halls due to the ongoing investigation. 

Computer science freshman Dale Henry described how he heard gunshots while in his dormitory, but finding out who caused the incident left him in shock. Henry told Florida Today that Sow was the first person he met on campus. 

He never struck me as anybody to do this type of stuff. He was a really calm and chill guy,” Henry said

Florida Tech President T. Dwayne McCay issued a statement expressing his sympathy and support.  

“My heart goes out to everyone in pain. I mourn any loss of life, while I also remain steadfastly thankful for the men and women who invest their lives in protecting us. The safest university campuses are the ones where students, staff, faculty and others look out for one another. We do that at Florida Tech,” McCay said. 

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