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High School Grad Gets Into 141 Colleges, Offered $5M in Scholarships


A 2021 New Orleans high school graduate has been accepted into 141 colleges and universities and has racked up $5 million in scholarship offers.

Jada Brown from the International High School of New Orleans has received a record-breaking amount in institutional aid — more than any other high school student in the country.

During an interview with WGNO, Brown said she is “overwhelmed” with the response she has received from schools. She also offered encouraging words to aspiring college students, asking them to push past negativity. 

“Never give up. Never let anybody’s opinions on you dictate your life. So don’t let anyone’s opinions control what you do in life, just do it for yourself. This is your life. Live it and don’t give up,” the 18-year-old said.

Brown, who aspires to be a dentist, wishes to study close to home. She has decided to attend Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge for the next phase of her academic career.

Ever since her acceptance letters started pouring in, Brown has been flooded with messages from well-wishers. Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana also took to social media to congratulate the 18-year-old prodigy. “She is a future leader for her community and has made Louisiana proud,” Cassidy wrote on Twitter.

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