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New Grant to Help Reduce Hopelessness Among Heart Disease Patients

The University of Illinois at Chicago has received a $2.4 million grant to study the improvement of care for heart disease patients coping with hopelessness.

The grant came from the National Institutes of Health as part of its efforts to promote “Heart Up!,” a program which aims to motivate heart disease patients to be more physically active.

Led by Susan Dunn, an associate professor of nursing and the study’s principal investigator, a team of researchers will enroll 225 hopeless heart disease patients in a controlled randomized trial to evaluate the impact of the intervention.

“While research has investigated strategies to increase physical activity among heart disease patients in general, UIC is the only group to design an intervention to promote physical activity specifically in hopeless heart disease patients,” Dunn said

“This innovative study has the potential to advance science, improve patient care and improve patient outcomes.”

The findings of the study could potentially transform care for hopeless heart disease patients by promoting self-management of important physical activity goals that can lead to healthier lifestyles.

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