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Rice University Named Best College for Feminists [Ranking]


Rice University is the best college for feminists in the country when it comes to allowing strong feminist dialogue and addressing the complaints of sexual harassment and assault.

The College Magazine ranked top ten best colleges for feminists by taking into account feminist activism based on student body’s attitude and opportunity for feminist, queer and intersectional study, among other parameters.

Rice topped the list for offering various educational and social programs like the I Heart Consentweek, self-defense classes and a mandatory five-week course on critical thinking regarding sexuality.

“Intersectional courses develop critical thinking skills towards solving problems for, you know, everyone. This intersectionality is a vital part of campus discussions, where organizations use gender-neutral pronouns in many issues. For example, the PERIOD at Rice BCM organization worked with the university to get free access to menstrual products on campus,” the report states.

Massachusetts-based Mount Holyoke College, originally founded as a women’s college, ranked second for its gender-inclusiveness and a place that welcomes all marginalized students, including the non-binary and trans students.

“Diversity doesn’t necessarily reach the faculty and staff, but that the administration has shown promising signs of change,” notes the report.

Another Massachusetts-based Wellesley College ranked third for encouraging all of its students to complete the “Not Anymore” program, which teaches students how to be an active bystander and provide information on sexual assault.

Other seven colleges that were featured in the top best colleges for feminists list, in order of the rank, are Cornell University, Smith College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, Bryn Mawr College and Yale University.

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