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Cornell Suspends Frat Parties After Alleged Druggings, Sexual Assault


Fraternity parties at Cornell University have been temporarily suspended after at least four students claimed to have been drugged and one claimed to have been sexually assaulted at fraternity-affiliated off-campus houses.

According to a crime alert released by Cornell campus police, there were several suspected instances of drug-laced drinks between September 24 and November 3 “in which students reported to have consumed little to no alcohol at an off-campus location but became incapacitated while attending parties.”

Around six people were transported to the hospital with evidence of drug use, sources told The Ithaca Voice, all women.

Another alert was sent out over the weekend after someone reported to school authorities that they had been sexually assaulted between 2:30 and 4:30 in the morning while at an off-campus event.

School Response

Following an emergency meeting over the weekend, Cornell administrators declared earlier Monday that all frat parties and social events would temporarily cease.

“No IFC-affiliated social events will resume until student leaders and Cornell staff are confident activities can take place responsibly and safely,” University President Martha E. Pollack and vice president of student and campus life Ryan Lombardi wrote, adding that they “fully support this necessary pause.”

School officials also said they will utilize this break to “implement stronger health and safety plans.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ithaca Police Department and may remain anonymous.

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