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College Teachers Launch YouTube Channel to Help Remote Learners


Two mathematics teachers from Portland Community College have launched a YouTube channel to help students struggling with online classes during the pandemic.

Jessica Bernard and Wendy Fresh started the channel Anyone Can Be a Math Person packed with short videos with useful tips on remote learning. The clips have accumulated more than 60,000 views.

Over the last few months, the pair have created several videos for students from middle school up to college. The videos also contain instructions for remote teachers.

They began by posting math videos but started including additional topics upon realizing that students across the country were struggling with other subjects as well. 

Some of the topics include “How to Use Kahoot! In Remote Instruction” and “Be Prepared the First Day the Course Opens.”

A New Reality

Bernard and Fresh started their initiative soon after colleges and universities shut down campuses, sending their students home to take classes online. Zoom calls replaced in-person instruction and online tests became a reality as schools tried their best to ease the transition for both students and faculty.  

The sudden switch made Portland Community College teachers realize that not all students have the skills to perform successfully online. “This whole situation has taught us that there will be a certain amount of remote learning, that’s going to continue moving forward,” Fresh told KGW-TV.

Keeping in mind the constantly evolving situation, the pair plans to continue putting up more videos as new topics pop up — some geared to online learning while others for in-person classes when students return to school.

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