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West Virginia University Receives $8.2 Million Software Gift

West Virginia University students will soon have access to software used in the exploration and production market.

Recently, the Department of Geology and Geography received a suite of GeoGraphix® and GVERSE, a software gift valued at $8.2 million from LMKR, an international petroleum technology company.

The software, which will initially be used by students enrolled in the school’s imperial barrel competition course, is expected to train and prepare students for real-world situations and job opportunities where GeoGraphix and GVERSE are used.

“We truly believe these students will continue to build off a strong foundation for the current geoscience workforce,” Peter Batdorf, LMKR’s senior account executive, said.

“As a result, we are pleased to provide WVU researchers and students with a suite of industry-leading, highly sophisticated tools that optimize the efficiency of petroleum and natural gas exploration and production, giving students an advantage when vying for highly competitive jobs in the oil and gas industry.”

The energy course taught by Tim Carr, chair of the Department of Geology and Geography, will allow students to examine the technical geologic aspects and science of energy as energy needs continue to increase with earth’s growing population.

“We try to expose our students to the data analytics involving the large quantities of geologic and geophysical information required to make technically sound decisions concerning the subsurface,” Carr said. “These decisions can include oil and gas development, location of water resources or environmental remediation.”

The software will be available for faculty and student research as well.

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