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11 Top Tips to Help College Students Overcome Senioritis

Learn how to overcome this typical student affliction so you can finish strong.

Picture this: you’ve spent months, if not years, to get into the college of your dreams. Then you come down with a dreaded case of… senioritis. Sounds like a nightmare, right? 😱

Senioritis is the indifference or lack of motivation many seniors feel towards studying as graduation nears.

If you think it’s not that serious, remember that you could lose your internship, scholarship, or hard-earned GPA over a poor, last-minute performance. 

So what can you do to overcome this typical college student affliction? We’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeves that can help you finish strong. 💪🏼

A tired student sleeping on a stack of books
Senioritis is no joke! You may think that a few months of slacking off won’t matter since you’re so close to graduation, but a lot of things can go wrong so stay focused. Photo: ZephyrMedia/Shutterstock

1. Set Actionable and Tangible Goals

Senioritis makes you lose the drive to get things done — a habit that future employers won’t approve of. Kick it quick (and get out of a nasty funk) by setting and achieving academic and personal goals. 

Whether you’re looking to develop attractive skills or add to your list of extracurricular activities, getting these tasks done will keep you motivated and improve your chances of landing a great job after graduation.

Don’t forget to break your goals down into smaller, more manageable steps, so each one doesn’t feel like too much of a burden. 

Staying academically active can distract unwanted feelings of laziness. Working on major long-term goals is a surefire way to remain driven until the end. Photo: Brands&People/Unsplash

2. Create a Schedule (and Stick to It)

Checking things off your to-do list can give you the sense of accomplishment you need to move on to your next task. Organize all your assignments in a planner or productivity app to help you establish a routine. 

If remembering dates is your kryptonite, store details about exams, internship application deadlines, competitions, club meetings, and more in Google Calendar 📅 so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

With your schedule in hand, you’ll know exactly what you need to do, giving you the push you need to beat procrastination.

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If remembering dates is your weakness, writing them down in a planner or download a focus app can help keep you on the right track. Photo: Estée Janssens/Unsplash

3. Scatter Breaks in Between Study Sessions

Refusing to give yourself a time out is one surefire way to speed up the burnout process, leaving you right where you started. If you feel like your mind and body can’t keep up with everything you have to do, there’s nothing wrong with taking a step back. 

Taking breaks when you’ve got so much to accomplish might sound counterintuitive, but it will actually boost your productivity! Try the Pomodoro technique, where you focus on a task for 25 minutes and take a five-minute break afterward, and other similar methods to help you recharge. 🔌

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You are not required to study or work on extracurriculars 24/7. Taking breaks in between study sessions can boost your performance and allow you to recover physically and mentally. Photo: GaudiLab/Shutterstock

4. Build a Solid Support System

Surrounding yourself with positive people that encourage you is always the right move. It’s not easy to regain focus and motivation, and it becomes even more challenging if you’re doing it all alone. 

You can ask your family and close friends to give you the boost of moral support and words of wisdom you need 🙌🏼. But tough love isn’t something you should ignore. If your mom or best friend notices you slacking off, tell them to call you out! 

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You’re only as good as the company you keep. Get yourself a solid support system that will push you to succeed. Photo: Keira Burton/Pexels

5. Lead (or Join) After-School Study Groups

Senioritis is a group disease! If you’re not careful, you can be swayed to skip classes, forget assignments, and get on the wrong side of your professors.

Keep an eye out for peers going through the exact same thing as you and do your best to be a good influence. 📚

You can set an example by starting a study group (or helping someone else lead it) and inviting classmates you think are suffering from a lack of motivation.

This is a great way to hold yourself and your classmates accountable as you check each other’s progress and results. 

Snap out of negative peer pressure by starting your own study group. Since senioritis is a group disease, get ahead of it by connecting with other students trying to get out of their funk. Photo: Ivan Samkov/Pexels

6. Make a Game Out of Homework…

Okay, we admit it: homework can be tedious. 😪 You can’t help but want to rush through it so you can do something more interesting. But have you considered getting creative with your to-do list?

If you have to finish a book, make up a game where you get a reward for each chapter you finish. Another idea is to play Pictionary or charades with your dorm buddies but instead of using the traditional prompts, choose ones that cover your study topics.

The best way to get studying done is to remove the boredom barrier! 

Turning your study sessions into games can boost your productivity and desire to study. Photo: Motortion Films/Shutterstock

7. … and Give Yourself a Prize

We don’t know about you, but getting goodies in exchange for small wins or good results motivates us to do better the next time 🤑. 

Scored high on your last exam? Get yourself a ticket to the latest blockbuster. Ticked off every single goal in your planner? Treat yourself to a meal at a local restaurant.

If you want something grander, try to strike a deal with your parents to pay for a quick vacation or a new video game if you get straight As

Reward yourself with a delicious treat once you’ve finished a difficult term paper or if you’ve gotten an A+ on your final exam. Photo: George Milton/Pexels

Putting more of your time (and perhaps money) into programs that will prepare you for your career can be an excellent way to do better while you’re a college senior.

Why? Because it’ll be harder to waste opportunities when you’ve poured a lot of resources into achieving them. 

Whether it’s top-tier internships, exchange programs, or mentoring a promising first-year student in your club, these activities will help you refocus and get moving towards your goals 🏃🏼‍♀️.   

Pouring time and energy into activities that prepare you for your post-graduate career is a good move to beat senioritis. Photo: Mangostar/Shutterstock

9. Do Something New Every Week

Going through the same motions over and over won’t do you any favors in the motivation department. In fact, forcing yourself to the same boring routine you hate can worsen your senioritis. 

While studying should remain your top priority, you should try making minor changes to your routine that will get you excited to conquer your to-do list.

Write your research paper in a quiet, Instagrammable coffee shop. Or take up a productive hobby, such as blogging or helping out at a soup kitchen, which will make your free time worth every second ⏳.  

Injecting your routine with something new, such as studying in an IG-worthy cafe or volunteering at a soup kitchen or a nearby orphanage, can make stressful college life more bearable. Photo: Cristi Tohatan/Unsplash

10. Take Time to Celebrate Victories

Getting your degree will not be a smooth and easy ride, but there’ll always be big and small wins to celebrate. 🎊

You should always acknowledge your victories because one, it boosts your confidence, and two, it allows you to reflect on the things you’ve done right.

Believing in yourself and knowing what you need to do to get results can push you to dream and achieve more.

Plus, all the positive emotions you feel when you win can spread to the people around you and encourage them to perform at their best, too (like your buddies in your newly-founded study group!).

Take the time to celebrate personal victories, whether or not their academic-related. Photo: dotshock/Shutterstock

11. Look Towards the Finish Line

You’re almost done! Wouldn’t it be great to cap off your college journey at an all-time high, especially after exerting so much effort?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with experiencing fatigue, but refusing to succumb to senioritis can place you in a better position for what’s to come.

It may be helpful to think of yourself as a runner competing in a long-distance race. You’ve done the hard part, and all you’ve got left is the sprint in front of you.

The choices available to you after you graduate highly depend on how you finish this stage — so lace up your shoes, take your position, and give it your best! 💯

The finish line is near. Now is not the time to slow down and risk everything you’ve worked so hard for, so focus and get to work. Photo: Thought Catalog/Unsplash

Don’t let your work ethic dwindle just because you’re only a few months away from having your diploma in hand. 

If you want to finish strong, keep your eyes on the prize until the very end.

After all, senioritis has nothing on a student who puts their all into their final-hour performance. 👨🏼‍🎓💪

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