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11 College Names That’ll Make You Scratch Your Head (Worldwide!)

How many names made you chuckle?

Does talking about your alma mater make you proud? But how would it feel if you graduated from a college with one of the weirdest names known to man? 🤔

The US has its fair share of funny-sounding universities, like the College of Wooster or Colgate University, but unusually-named colleges appear worldwide too.

Whether you’re planning a memorable study abroad or simply want to satiate your curiosity, check out 11 of the weirdest college names worldwide that’ll have you asking, “Say what?!” 🤨

1. Chicken University

Can’t get enough of fried chicken? 🍗 Then studying at Chicken University will get you egg-cited. 

Don’t expect a bachelor’s degree at this school because it functions more as a training and research center for Genesis BBQ — a huge South Korean fast-food chain.

A female student of Chicken University, one of the weirdest college names worldwide, preparing the chicken batter in the school kitchen
Chicken University lives up to its name by teaching students how to cook delicious fried chicken and make a thriving business out of it. Photo: jcomp/Freepik

The weirdly-named university is part of the company’s vision to expand and climb the pecking order like McDonald’s by educating its employees and aspiring franchise owners. 🐔

📍Location: Icheon, South Korea

2. Batman University

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na … BATMAN! 🦇 Oh wait, Bruce Wayne has nothing to do with this Turkish university. 

Apparently, Batman University honors the city where it is located. But why was the city named Batman in the first place? 

It was originally called Iluh but was renamed in 1957 after the nearby Batman River (believed to be a shortened version of the Bati Raman mountain). 🤯

📍Location: Batman, Türkiye

3. Kinki University

Funnily enough, Kinki University also thought their college name was a bit too much and changed it to Kindai University in 2016

While its previous name, Kinki, referred to the “areas around the old Japanese capital,” it sounds very similar to that other word that might get its students (and professors) mistaken for flirts. 😳

A Japanese student from Kindai University, one of the weirdest college names worldwide, smilng as she reads a book
Saying you’re a Kinki student is bound to stir some smiles and laughter, especially if you’re bilingual, as it’s one of the weirdest college names worldwide. Photo: jcomp/Freepik

Thus, the name switch happened to improve their branding, combining the Kinki region and the Japanese word for university, ‘Daigaku’. 🏫

📌  Location: Higashiosaka, Japan (main campus)

4. Hamburger University

What’s a business school initialed “HU” but isn’t Harvard? Our answer: Hamburger University. 🍔

Similar to Chicken University, Mcdonald’s Hamburger University is a training facility for those owning franchises and taking up leadership positions.

Whether in Tokyo, London, Sydney, Munich, São Paulo, Shanghai, or Moscow, students can go through week-long programs and graduate with a degree in Hamburgerology. 🌏

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📌  Location: Chicago, Illinois (since 2018)

5. Technological Institute of Textiles and Science

Whew, the Technological Institute of Textiles and Science is certainly a mouthful. But you can opt to use its acronym instead: TITS. 😳

It’s a grin-inducing, eyebrow-raising acronym and while the university tried to see what else can work — like its official nickname “TIT&S Bhiwani” — it still ended up as the slang for breasts. 😅

Screenshot of a tweet about the Technological Institute of Textiles and Science (TITS)
Do you think you can manage to say that you graduated from TITS, one of the weirdly-named colleges around the world? Photo: Twitter

Despite its cheeky nickname, TIT&S Bhiwani is one of the oldest and most respected technical colleges in India.

📌  Location: Bhiwani, Haryana, India

6. Ogre State Technical School

As much as we’d like to joke about Shrek and this school, the Latvian Ogres Valsts Tehnikums (or Ogre State Technical School) has nothing to do with the legendary creature. 

This school is named after the Latvian city of Ogre (pronounced as “oh-greh”) which derives its name from the nearby Ogre River. 🏞️ 

While you won’t find Shrek, Donkey, or any of his other woodland friends, this institution offers vocational education in industries like tourism, hospitality, and forestry.🧑‍🎓

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📌  Location: Ogre, Latvia

7. Universidad de Morón 

Here’s a university whose name may get lost in translation: Universidad de Morón.

We know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not a university for people with low intelligence even if the little accent above the letter “ó” saves it from being said the same as “moron.” 😅

A smiling Latina law student from the Universidad de Morón, among the weirdest college names worldwide, poses with her arms crossed in the campus library
Take it from us: saying you’re a student of Universidad de Morón sounds better in Spanish. Photo: pch.vector/Freepik

Rather, this private university takes its name after Morón City in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 🏫 Yet unlike Batman, Turkey, no one is sure of how the city came to be named as such.

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📌  Location: Morón, Argentina

8. Worms University of Applied Sciences

The name “Worms University of Applied Sciences” may induce an itch under your skin, but it’s in no way related to the wiggly crawlers in your garden. 🪱

A group of European college students from the Worms University of Applied Sciences, one of the weirdest college names worldwide, checking a tablet for class updates
It might be fun to assume that Hochschule Worms offers stellar courses in biology, but nope — you’ll find business and technology courses instead. Photo: Freepik

The weirdest college names around the world seem to be showing a pattern since this educational institution is named after the German city of Worms, also known as Hochschule Worms

But, because it’s German, the letter “w” is pronounced as “v”, ergo “Vorms” is the correct way to say it. 👍

📌  Location: Worms, Germany

9. Lund University

Even one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities is not exempted from being ridiculed in another language. 🙈

Lund University (LU) is named after the Swedish city where the school is located. Its original meaning pertains to “grove” or “green area,” but miles away on the Indian subcontinent, this word is slang for penis. 🍌

Internet trolls often left lewd comments on the university’s Facebook page until LU officials had to release an official statement because the issue got so out of hand:

Screenshot of Lund University's Facebook comment about Indian trolls making fun of its name
As one of the weirdest college names worldwide, Lund University has received hundreds of irrelevant and vulgar comments because of its name’s meaning in Hindi. Photo: Lund University Facebook page

📌  Location: Lund, Sweden (main campus)

10. The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies 

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies is also known as the “Dick Vet,” but it’s not about a jerk veterinarian yelling at a whimpering pet. 

The reason behind such an unusual name is to pay respects to its veterinarian founder William Dick. 🩺

Dick established this school in 1823 and is affiliated with the University of Edinburgh, making this one of the oldest and most respected educational institutions in the United Kingdom. 🐕

📌  Location: Easter Bush Campus, Midlothian, United Kingdom

11. Lovely Professional University

“Lovely” is a term you normally would see describing a woman, but rarely a school. Thus, India’s Lovely Professional University is sure to give you a double take. So, what gives?

The name traces its roots back to a humble sweet shop named “Lovely Sweets” in Jalandhar by the Mittal family. 🍬 Over time, the family acquired more businesses and grew into a corporation called “Lovely Group.” 

Three male students from Lovely Professional University preparing for a career planning session
Graduating with top marks from Lovely Professional University may make your resume stand out from the rest, so prepare well for what might be a fun job interview. Photo: katemangostar/Freepik

As a way of giving back to society, the Lovely Group established a private university in the Indian state of Punjab. 

Don’t let the “lovely” name fool you — this is not a beauty school but one of the go-to schools for business and engineering in India. 👍

📌  Location: Phagwara, India

Some of these names might make you chuckle at first, but judging a school by its name alone might make you miss out on some of the best education out there

In case you decide to enroll in a school owning one of the weirdest college names worldwide, use its name origin and your college experience to stand out during job interviews. 😉

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