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26 Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students to Earn Extra Cash

Extra pocket money? ✅ Job experience? ✅ Valuable skills? ✅

The best part-time jobs for college students will beef up your resume (and, more importantly, your wallet) without sacrificing your grades. 👌

There are endless options out there that fit with your personality and your schedule — whether it’s in service, education, media, or technology. 

Smiling young man preparing to attend one of the best part-time jobs for college students after class
Juggling your college classes with your part-time job teaches you excellent time management skills that’ll come in handy once you graduate. Photo: marymarkevich/Freepik

To help you out, we’ve rounded up 26 of the best in-person part-time jobs that keep you employed all year round.💪

1. Retail Sales Associate 🛍️

Male college student running the cash register as a part-time retail sales associate
Retail sales associate jobs are one of the most common jobs filled by college students because of flexible work schedules and minimal qualifications. Photo: Clay Banks/Unsplash

Having a sixth sense of what products work best based on someone’s needs will make you a star retail employee. 🤩 

A regular shift usually consists of ringing up purchases, assisting with customer concerns, and keeping the store clean and organized — all of which you can do with a flexible part-time schedule that allows you to work during the evening or on weekends. 📅

TIP: Working in an industry you’re interested in can come in handy when customers ask for recommendations. Plus, you can get your hands on sweet employee discounts.

Though this is a minimum wage job, you can make more cash if the business has sales incentives or if you have built the experience to take on a supervisory role. 📈

💰 Potential Income: $13 to $17 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: work with people, employee discounts, flexible working schedule, minimal qualifications
👎 Cons: difficult customers, hectic holiday and discount season shifts 

2. Call Center Representative 🎧

Female college student working as a part-time call center representative taking calls and typing data
With minimal entry requirements and opportunities to earn more, a call center representative is one of the best part-time jobs for college students out there. Photo: Yan Krukov/Pexels

Finding a job at call centers can be easy-peasy since they’re often on the lookout for students with superb communication skills. 📞

Expect to answer calls and inquiries (and yes, even complaints) about your clients’ accounts, products, or services. 

Use the various shift schedules to your advantage and snag a job outside of class hours. 

To bag this job, a high school diploma is enough for most businesses needing representatives like businesses, colleges, and non-profit organizations.

💰 Potential Income: $16 to $45 per hour 
🎉 Pros and Perks: commissions and bonuses, fast career promotion, easy entry with minimal qualifications
👎 Cons: difficult customers, sedentary, fast-paced and high-pressure environment

3. Gym Attendant 💪

College male part-time gym attendant assisting gym goer lifting dumbbells
What makes working at the gym one of the best part-time jobs for college students? Comfortable uniforms, flexible work schedule, and a strong community. Photo: ArtPhoto_studio/Freepik

Feel like you never get a chance to go to the gym? Why not work there instead? You can even get yourself some sweet discounts or free membership. 😉

Working at the gym — especially those open for 24 hours — offers some flexibility, making it a perfect part-time job for college students with a strict class schedule.

Special qualifications aren’t needed since your daily tasks include assisting gym goers, cleaning up equipment, or completing basic administrative duties. 🖥️

💰 Potential Income: $8 to $22 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: relaxed atmosphere, comfortable uniforms, free or discounted gym membership
👎 Cons: minimal room for career advancement, difficult customers

4. Hotel Receptionist 🏨

Two college students as part-time hotel receptionists working at the front desk
Keeping a cool head and facing difficult customers with a warm smile are some of the things you learn in hospitality that can be beneficial in college. Photo: pressmaster/Freepik

Becoming a great hotel receptionist requires two things: a killer smile and a winning personality. These will keep your guests happy from the moment they arrive. 😊

This is one of the best part-time jobs for college students because night shifts are perfect to work around your class schedule

The good news is that you don’t need previous experience or certificates to become a hotel receptionist. Excellent communication and organization skills will do.

Working as a hotel receptionist may quickly not fill up your piggy bank, but it can be a great entry into the hospitality industry as you learn the tricks of the trade. 🏨

💰 Potential Income: $10 to $16 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: employee discounts, low barriers to entry, valuable connections
👎 Cons: minimum wage, difficult guests, extremely busy holiday shifts

5. Barista ☕

A college male tamping espresso in his part-time barista job
Being a barista is one of the best jobs for college students because of the free coffee and tips. Photo: senivpetro/Freepik

Sleep-deprived college students love these two words: free coffee. Did that catch your attention?

Being a part-time barista hones your skills in socialization and time management as you rush around working the till, serving coffee-based drinks, and sanitizing areas. We forgot to mention that the tips are great too!

When arranging your work schedule around classes, expect weekday mornings at the coffee shop to be hectic with an onslaught of customer orders. 😮‍

Prior experience in food service will give you an edge, but consistent good customer service and willingness to learn (such as latte art and specialty drinks) will help you flourish in this student job.

💰 Potential Income: $6 to $15 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: decent tips, free or discounted drinks, social space
👎 Cons: high-pressured and fast-paced environment, difficult customers

6. Bartender 🍸

Smiling college male bartender behind the bar talking to a businessman customer
 Bartending lets you meet interesting people who can become valuable connections upon college graduation. Photo: prostooleh/Freepik

A night owl with daytime classes and a favorite guest at too many dorm parties — if this is you, then it’s time to be a part-time bartender. 😉

Just like at a coffee shop, there’s a big chance of earning decent tips and making connections that can brighten your undergraduate experience.

Usually, a high school diploma is all you need to serve delicious cocktails and clean the bar. But some friendly advice: take care of your health since staying up late is the norm.

💰 Potential Income:  $14 to $29 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: valuable connections, lots of tips (especially in upscale bars), increased drink knowledge you can use for parties
👎 Cons: late night shifts, messy or rude customers, physically demanding

7. Fast Food Server 🍔

Female college student working as a part-time fast food server taking a customer's order
Showing patience, hard work, and flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to working in fast food. Photo: Depositphotos

If you’re on the hunt for a job that quickly teaches you valuable skills in the workplace, working in the fast food industry is just the ticket. 🎫

TIP: Be on the lookout for fast food companies offering educational assistance for their part-time employees. This usually includes tuition reimbursements or scholarship grants. 

A proactive fast-food worker juggles cleaning the kitchen and dining area, serving food, working the register, or promoting the latest diner deals. 🐔

However, it does come with less ideal working conditions, like minimum wage, graveyard shifts, and rude customers. On the flip side, you don’t need a lot of qualifications to get started, making this a stellar first job. 

💰 Potential Income: $10 to $13 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: minimal entry requirements, flexible schedule, free or discounted meals
👎 Cons: physically exhausting, difficult customers, greasy smell on clothes

8. Movie Theater Attendant 🎬

A couple of college students working as part-time movie theater attendants serving popcorn to a customer
The flexible working hours of a movie theater attendant make this one of the best jobs for college students. Photo: pressmaster/Freepik

Film buffs will love working in a movie theater for a special reason: free or discounted movie tickets and snacks! 🍿😀

The job’s relatively simple: clock in and start a routine of checking tickets, manning the snack booth, helping people find their seats, and cleaning up after screenings.

You can work your class schedule and study hours during the day since the busy hours are usually during late nights or on weekends when most people go out to unwind.

While there are no special qualifications needed to apply, being able to take care of customer concerns as part of a smooth theater experience is a plus. 

💰 Potential Income: $12 to $25 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: flexible schedule, free or discounted movie tickets, employee discount on concession stand food 
👎 Cons: dirty cleaning work, weekend and holiday shifts, late night closing

9. Amusement Park Attendant 🎪

Two female amusement park visitors playing at a game booth
Keeping amusement park visitors in high spirits takes a lot of proactive energy on your part as you entertain and put out little fires. Photo: Freepik

This one is for college students with outgoing personalities and a knack for adventure. 🎡

An amusement park is a vibrant and social environment where you can wear many hats, so it’s great for networking opportunities and building your resume.

Filled with thrilling rides and themed events, amusement parks need attendants to sell tickets, operate rides, stock souvenir shops, and manage visitors. 🎢 

A high school diploma is enough to get your foot in the door since most of the training happens when you get the job. 

Most guests come and visit on the weekends, so expect slow hours from Monday to Friday — making it an ideal job for students. 

💰 Potential Income: $7 to $19 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: discounts or free access to attractions, quick promotion opportunities, flexible schedule 
👎 Cons: physically demanding, working during holidays and busy seasons

10. Bank Teller 🏛️

A male college student working as a part-time bank teller talking to clients
Since this is an entry-level position, many banks train new hires for a month which makes it a friendlier option for college students without much experience. Photo: RODNAE Productions/Pexels

It’s said that “money doesn’t grow on trees,” but how come banks have branches? 😂 

Puns aside, major bank branches close early which makes it ideal for students taking evening classes. If you want more schedule flexibility, look for part-time teller positions in credit unions or smaller banks.

A high school diploma is commonly accepted for you to process customer payments, withdrawals, and deposits, as well as handle concerns over the counter, but a college major in business or finance could give you an edge.

Aside from tasks that could seem repetitive, a big part of your job is to keep a keen eye on fraudulent cash, checks, and IDs. 👀

💰 Potential Income: $12 to $18 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: valuable connections, financial literacy improvement, transferable skills
👎 Cons: simple errors may lead to huge issues, difficult customers, possibility of handling dirty money

11. Valet or Parking Attendant 🚗

A male college student working as a part-time valet standing while talking to the guest in the white car
Knowing how to handle different cars and giving great customer service gets you the best tips from VIPs. Photo: Freepik

All you need for this part-time job is something you’ve likely had for years: your driver’s license. 😉

Oftentimes, valets are hired by hotels, resorts, and luxury businesses to attend to high-end customers, with chances of earning high tips. Because of the nature of clients, a spotless driving and criminal record are a must. ✨

You can rest easy with your coursework and club commitments during the day since huge events typically happen during evenings and weekends.

💰 Potential Income: $12 to $18 per hour 
🎉 Pros and Perks: valuable connections, flexible schedule, decent tips
👎 Cons: physically demanding, may be prone to accidents, late-night shifts

12. Swimming Instructor 🏊

A female college student working as a part-time swimming instructor teaching her student in the pool
College exercises your brain, while your job as a swimming instructor exercises your muscles and communication skills. Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko/Pexels

Make some coin by teaching people how to survive in the water as a part-time swimming instructor.

This is ideal for college students who are part of the varsity team or grew up with swimming as a hobby. Plus, if we’re talking perks, this job keeps you in great shape when you can’t stop by the gym after all your classes. 🙌

This part-time job needs you to secure Basic Swim Instructor and CPR and First Aid certifications. 

💰 Potential Income: $12 to $18 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: flexible working hours, improved socialization and teaching skills
👎 Cons: many required qualifications, weather-dependent (especially in outdoor pools), could affect skin and hair health

13. Fitness Trainer 🏋️

A female college student working as a part-time fitness trainer spots her client during strength training
Being physically fit with great communication skills can definitely bring your A-game to college and work post-graduation. Photo: Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

As a fitness trainer, you get to stay in shape, earn money to pay off your tuition, and boost your resume for jobs in the health and wellness industry later on. 💯

It’s a relatively easy job for gym buffs since you help design workout routines for clients according to their fitness goals while avoiding injury. 💪

Clients tend to work out before or after office or school hours, so you can definitely pencil this into your daily schedule. 

You’ll often need certifications in CPR/AED and Personal Fitness Training that equip you with the necessary knowledge that won’t injure your clients.

💰 Potential Income: $16 to $30 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: free or discounted gym use, flexible schedule, valuable connections 
👎 Cons: many required certifications, difficult clients, being liable for possible client injuries

14. Tutor 👩🏾‍🏫

A female college student helping a child with her assignment in her part-time tutoring job
Patience, creativity, and topic mastery you get from tutoring help you succeed in any field. Photo: Mikhail Nilov/Pexels

If getting As and Bs is your superpower, you can tutor struggling peers or kids who need a leg up in their classes. 🧠

Parents and students will pay top dollar for you to prepare lessons and go over subjects or topics that are harder to understand.

Find tutoring work on college boards or reach out to your neighbors with children who need help in school. Tutoring centers are also great but may require you to show mastery of subjects through certifications or acing their tests or teaching demos. 

In terms of schedule, tutoring usually happens after school, so you can head straight to work after you’re done with your classes for the day. 📚

💰 Potential Income: $7 to $38 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: flexible schedule, high job satisfaction, hone valuable skills
👎 Cons: mentally demanding (especially during exam season), difficult students

15.  IT Support Technician 💻

A female college student working as a part-time IT support technician checking for request tickets in an online database
IT support technicians are vital in ensuring that everything is running smoothly in the digital age. Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko/Pexels

Not everyone has the patience or the knowledge to deal with pesky tech glitches. If you’re more than a little computer-savvy, this is the college job for you.

Here’s what a normal day looks like: customers or colleagues will send in technical concerns for you to resolve, ranging anywhere from installing software to assisting in virtual conference calls.

If you’re studying a tech-related course, you can apply your lessons to resolving issues. Plus, you could find a job opening in your own backyard, since your own college may just need techie people to keep its systems up and running. 👨‍💻

💰 Potential Income: $9 to $30 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: flexible schedule, valuable skills in problem-solving and communication
👎 Cons: simultaneous request tickets to resolve, dealing with difficult individuals

16. Library Assistant 📚

A female college student working as a part-time library assistant helping a student find books
A relaxed environment surrounded by books is one of the best workplaces for college students. Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko/Pexels

There’s much to love about being a library assistant, especially if you’re a bookworm. It’s a quiet environment that’s all about organizing knowledge materials for easy access.

You’ll be helping out with organizing books and other resources and assisting students at the counter.

But do you know what makes the job even better? You can familiarize yourself with different resource materials that will help you with college, like how to write a killer essay

While you might not make bank with this job, it’s a great option for students who can’t be too far away from campus or spend extra time commuting to work. 🚶

💰 Potential Income: $10 to $14 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: quiet and relaxed workspace, flexible schedule, no extra transportation expense
👎 Cons: limited career advancement, minimum wage

17. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant 🎓

A female part-time undergraduate teaching assistant reviewing the instructions for a group project on the whiteboard
You can get a leg up over your classmates as an undergraduate teaching assistant. Photo: Thirdman/Pexels

Working as a part-time undergraduate teaching assistant gets you started in a life devoted to academia. 

Busy professors need an awesome sidekick that can lighten their load: someone who can take student attendance, help check quizzes, and participate in administrative tasks. 📝

Make the most of it by mastering the lessons and building a strong network of colleagues and students. These will come in handy if you decide to pursue further higher education and teaching. 🏫

To succeed in this job, you must be a proactive upper-level student in a related course who’s already earning stellar grades in class. After all, professors prefer working with dependable students who can serve as role models.

💰 Potential Income: $7 to $11 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: enhanced teaching abilities and qualifications, academic mentorship, valuable connections
👎 Cons: possibility of a heavy workload, dealing with difficult students, parents, and teachers

18. Pet Sitter 🐕

A male student working as a part-time pet sitter walking a dog along a pier
Hanging out with cute animals while getting paid is one of the best perks as a pet sitter. Photo: Honest Paws/Unsplash

Animal lovers will think this job is the cat’s pajamas! 🐈 

Feeding, grooming, and taking care of house pets requires a whole lot of love as a pet sitter. You can sign up with an agency, or try your hand at finding freelance jobs!

To bag this part-time job for college students, you only need a high school diploma and a record of working with animals, like volunteering in shelters or even your own pets. 🤗

Since pets may need emergency care, owning a driver’s license and knowing pet first aid is an advantage. 

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A bonus? The hours can be flexible and you can take time off over exam season too. 

💰 Potential Income: $5 to $29 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: benefits included depending on your employer, flexible schedule, best for animal lovers
👎 Cons: physically demanding, exposure to germs and viruses, risk of injury

19. Nanny 🧸

A female college student assisting three children with a school project as part of her part-time job as a nanny
The skill of creative problem-solving you hone from handling the varied needs of children comes in handy for work after graduation. Photo: karlyukav/Freepik

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and the job’s a game!” Sounds familiar? That’s from the famous nanny, Mary Poppins. ☂️

Dropping off and picking up the kids from school, assisting with homework, preparing meals, and the occasional grocery run become more enjoyable when you’re working for a great family.

Babysitters are only hired when parents want a date night or are working overtime, but becoming a nanny means you’re in it for the long ride. So, you typically have regular hours set around your schedule.

It’s also good to have a driver’s license and a First Aid certification — just in case an emergency situation pops up.

💰 Potential Income: $12 to $18 per hour  
🎉 Pros and Perks: valuable connections, hone interpersonal and communication skills
👎 Cons: physically exhausting, dealing with difficult children or parents, needs certifications

20. Bookkeeper 🧾

A female college student checking financial records in her part-time bookkeeping job
Real-life application of your business major gives you a great experience, making this one of the best jobs for college students. Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Calling accounting and business majors! 📢 Sharpen your money management skills and earn some cash by working for an actual business.

Working as a bookkeeper lets you observe how a business operates in real time, letting you gain real experience in handling invoices, personnel payroll, and processing administrative requirements. 💰

TIP: Check with your career counselor, friends, and other connections, including college job boards and small and local firms for available part-time bookkeeping jobs.

The heavy data and paperwork can be monotonous, but it’s a good training ground for your future career. It may even teach you a thing or two about managing your student budget. 👩🏽‍💻

Part-timers have a flexible schedule but expect tax seasons to require some overtime. As such, plan ahead to make sure you’re still prepared for your exams and big projects occurring in the same period.

💰 Potential Income: $16 to $25 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: gain knowledge for entrepreneurial pursuits, high hourly wage compared to other part-time jobs
👎 Cons: mentally exhausting, sedentary job

21. Research Assistant 📊

Female part-time research assistant preparing a powerpoint presentation of collected data
Boost your resume with varied experience and skills related to your field as a research assistant. Photo: tirachardz/Freepik

Students eyeing a job in public policy or becoming a marketing whiz could get a leg up by perfecting their research skills in this part-time job for college students. ✨

A job as a research assistant is pretty straightforward. You assist a team of researchers and project implementers by helping collect, check, organize, and record data in various industries. 

A high school diploma and related background experience are the usual requirements. For example, digital marketing jobs prefer someone who’s social media savvy or NGOs may look for students with a strong background in advocacy. 

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What makes this great is that you get relevant experience, rub elbows with notable people in your field, and get paid while you’re at it. 😉

💰 Potential Income: $9 to $32 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: hone varied skills, valuable connections, exposure to industry practices
👎 Cons: can be data-heavy, sedentary, exposure to risks on the field

22. Disc Jockey 💿

Male college student working as a part-time club DJ
Being a DJ is one of the best jobs for college students, where you play the best hits with a twist to give everyone a good time. Photo: Gaby Tenda/Pexels

If you’ve got great taste in music that gets everyone in their dancing shoes, you’ll have a blast as a part-time DJ!

Disc jockeys select, play, and mix the hottest songs to keep people on the dancefloor. Owning a physical deck to play around with is fun, but you can still get by with just a laptop’s music software.

This is one of the best part-time jobs for college students who love to party because you’ve most likely built a wide network of like-minded friends who can connect you to DJs in clubs or in private events. 🕺

DJs usually have a flexible work schedule or play on selected nights, so you can still stay on top of your coursework.

💰 Potential Income: $8 to $19 per hour
🎉Pros and Perks: independent and creative work, flexible schedule, hone social and communication skills
👎 Cons: shifts during late hours, the weekends, and holidays, quite competitive to get this as a job

23. Local Tour Guide 🗺️

A male student describing a location to a tourist group as a part-time tour guide
Touring people around the city is perfect for students with top-notch storytelling skills and wandering feet. Photo: Bernie Almanzar/Unsplash

Knowing your city like the back of your hand could turn into hard cash. 💸 

Guiding curious tourists mostly happens during the daytime, so it’s perfect if you’re taking evening classes. Part of your job involves preparing itineraries, providing information, and accompanying them to local haunts and cultural sites

Look for part-time openings in travel agencies, local government or tourism offices, or non-profit organizations promoting tourism in your city. 🏙️

You’ll typically only need a high school diploma, but you might have to ace an exam or secure a tour guide certification or license depending on your state’s requirements.

💰 Potential Income: $11 to $20 per hour 
🎉 Pros and Perks: earn tips, master your local surroundings, great for fitness
👎 Cons: physically exhausting, weather-dependent, dealing with difficult tourists

24. Warehouse Associate 📦

A male college student smiling while organizing boxes as a part-time warehouse associate
With a high school diploma, strong muscles, and a love for organizing things, being a warehouse associate is one of the best jobs for college students looking for some extra cash. Photo: Freepik

There’s a huge demand for warehouse employees thanks to people’s love for online shopping. 

Working in a stockroom offers a flexible schedule, especially since some companies still keep their supply chain up and running during the evenings, weekends, and holidays. 🕒

Your organization skills could be truly tested during busy months and sale seasons as you juggle work and coursework, so it’s best to plan ahead.

A warehouse associate is tasked with filling orders, moving inventory, and sometimes delivering the product to its final destination. 🏬 

Some assignments require you to walk around while checking and sorting items, while some may require you to lift heavy objects or drive if you have a forklift driving certification.

💰 Potential Income: $15 to 18 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: entry-level, good salary with incentives, hone valuable skills
👎 Cons: physically demanding, exposure to workplace hazards 

25. Grocery Worker 🛒

A smiling female college student stocking the frozen section as a part-time grocery worker
Working in a grocery doesn’t have many qualifications and you can easily restock your dorm food essentials right after work. Photo: aleksandarlittlewolf/Freepik

Working in a supermarket is another one of the best jobs for college students. Why? Because it’s easy to do, you have a flexible schedule, and you get first dibs on discounts!

You’ll be busy arranging items, guiding customers, bagging groceries, cleaning floors, and working the cash register, giving customers a smooth shopping experience. 🛍️

Although this is typically a minimum wage job, it’s a good choice if you live nearby and want to meet people in your area. 

Plus, you’ll mostly be on your feet during your shift, which is a good balance between all those times you spend sitting in classes and studying. ✨

💰 Potential Income: $8 to $18 an hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: lots of physical movement, flexible schedule, minimal requirements
👎 Cons: weekend and holiday shifts, repetitive tasks

26. Home Health Aide 👩🏻‍⚕️

A female college student working as a part-time home health aide reading to an elderly man
With a rising number of people needing care at all times of the day, home health aide work is becoming a common part-time job for college students. Photo: Kampus Production/Pexels

Students eyeing work in healthcare can get a headstart by working in residential facilities. 🧓 

You’ll be caring for the elderly or persons with disabilities under the guidance of a registered nurse: administering medicine on schedule, assisting individuals in maintaining personal hygiene, and doing housekeeping chores in the facilities. 🧹

With facilities operating 24/7, a flexible working schedule can be on the cards so you still have time for your school activities.

Most employers require part-timers to know CPR and have First Aid training. Add those to having a record of responsible behavior, and you’re good to go.

💰 Potential Income: $14 per hour
🎉 Pros and Perks: flexible schedule, diverse tasks, socialization opportunities
👎 Cons: physically and emotionally demanding, exposure to germs and viruses

There you have it! A job for every personality, career goal, income preference, and lifestyle as a college student.

By being open to learning new things, you’re bound to find the best part-time job for you in no time. ✨

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